Matysek Fine Art is a subsidiary of Matysek Investment Group, Inc., a national single and multi-tenant commercial real estate brokerage company founded by Eva’s son, Paul Z. Matysek, CCIM. Paul and Eva have a very special relationship, and the mission of MFA is to promote the beautiful impressionist work done by Eva. While Eva has been a successful painter and has had many exhibitions her whole life, it was secondary to Eva Matysek Fine Art Restoration, her art conservation business that she had to work so hard in to support the family.  Paul had the great fortune to be given an opportunity by Eva to succeed in commercial real estate brokerage, an industry in which is nearly impossible to sustain one’s self during the initial years, so now he is very happy to help promote and distribute the artwork.


The MFA gallery is in the charming Riviera Village in South Redondo Beach, California, just steps from the Pacific Ocean. Viewings are by appointment only. Enjoy!