Eva Matysek Mazur, née Konieczna was born in Warsaw, Poland.  She holds an M.A. degree with honors from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw where she studied art conservation and painting. She permanently resides in Los Angeles where she has established a reputation as an accomplished artist and a leading conservator of fine art. Her studies and background in the conservation field have enabled her to acquire an intimate knowledge of the works of art of the world’s great masters. She has learned and perfected a wide variety of techniques and technologies of painting used by renowned artists of different epochs. This has given her a solid foundation for creating her own art. Eva’s interest in painting was already apparent during her student days in which many of her canvases were shown at exhibits highlighting the work of outstanding students. As time passed, her artistic energy and continuing interest in painting studies brought her recognition as a gifted artist, evidenced by her numerous awards and exhibitions. Two years later, in 1998, a portrait and a landscape brought Eva awards at the same Gold Medal Exhibition, a prestigious event for the artistic community of the United States, organized by the California Art Club and held in the Luckman Fine Arts Complex of the California State University at Los Angeles.


Eva’s paintings have received favorable reviews in the Polish press. Eva’s oeuvre and talent have also been recognized by the American media. She has been interviewed by the press, radio and television and various commentaries have appeared describing her life and work. Current editions of the National Registry of Who’s Who and the Cambridge Who’s Who describe Eva’s achievements as exceptional. Her paintings show figures, landscapes, artfully arranged ceramics, silverware, flowers, fruit, and light temperature. She revitalizes the renaissance period of art quality and fine art techniques that have been forgotten by contemporary artists.





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